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Inspiring Each Other Through Faith

Religious Discussions
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Religious discussions and inspiration
After reading the book The Faith Club I wanted to start my own faith club. This community should be used as a friendly and open forum to discuss religion.

I would like to keep this community as politically free as possible. I would like to see this community serve to inspire and lift each other up with our religious discussions. I would like to see us communicate about issues that concern us directly and not focus on what is happening in the media or around the world.

Even though this community was inspired by the three faiths represented in the book The Faith Club, please feel free to include discussions about any religion.

Even though I can't make it mandatory, I would like to see everyone include an introductory post after joining the community.

Here are a few tips on how to keep the community as organized as possible:
1. Tag each one of your posts with the faith you are representing.
2. Tag each one of your posts with your journal name so others can see your other posts to the community.
3. Make sure each post has a title.

Please understand that hateful and extremely negative comments directed at others will be deleted immediately. This community should be used to bridge the gap between faiths and strengthen dialogue, not spread hatred and negativity.

Please do not use this community for the sole purpose of promoting your own page. Please do not flood this community with advertisements or links. If it gets too excessive from any one user, the posts may be deleted.

I hope everyone here feels free and comfortable to express questions and concerns about religious issues.

I am open to suggestions and feedback on how to make this community better. I will probably change the journal style often until I find something that truly works for this community. I am open to feedback on this as well.